Hi, I'm Charles 👋

Do You Want More Organic Traffic? 

Are you struggling to rank on Page 1 of Google?

You’re spending time, money, and energy promoting your business. 

But you know there's an easier way to attract customers without relying on referrals, paids ads or spammy outbound marketing tactics. 

The solution? A fail-proof SEO system tailor-made for your business and industry. 

Implementing my SEO system for your website is like owning a piece of real estate right on the first page of the world’s largest search engine, Google.

This means more organic traffic, more high-quality visitors and more credibility for your project — without paying a cent for ads and promotions.

A bit about me

I’m an SEO Consultant, Entrepreneur and Investor

Hey! I'm Charles 👋

I'm a seasoned SEO consultant with over 8+ years in the SEO game.

Having worked with clients in numerous industries and sectors including Financial Services, E-commerce and SaaS, I know what it takes to get real results with SEO.

I also run Finetune SEO a UK founded SEO agency, specialising in helping e-commerce brands grow their online sales and revenue through SEO.

I can help you get found, get traffic & get more sales for your business.

My Awards and Recognitions 

Great results for great clients

I helped Robert increase his organic traffic on his Personal Brand blog by 27,400%

Ranking for 50 keywords on Google. No 1st page rankings
Only getting 4 organic clicks per month
Inconsistent stream of affiliate income
SEO content strategy to boost rankings and traffic 🚀
Keyword Strategy to rank consistently on Page 1 of Google
A highly-optimized personal finance affiliate article
Now ranking for 1,200 keywords in the personal finance space
1,100+ clicks per month (27,400% increase in organic traffic)
A monetized article that brings in revenue every month.
Charles helped me get my blog from a few users a month to 5000. Traffic is cool, but what about monetization? Well they helped us get an affiliate article for a very well known company rank tremendously well and it is still paying off month after month. SEO results don't come overnight, but if you're going to do it look no further!
Robert Neckelius
Personal Brand Blog

Client Testimonials

Here’s what a few of my clients have to say

Great experience working with Charles!
He helped us on a consulting basis for our own site and optimising our SEO content. Found his written SEO guides to be invaluable for staff training along with his knowledge of the space being second to none.
Viren Samani
Founder at One Global Studio
Working with Charles was an amazing experience.I had several consultancy calls with him and each one was jam-packed with useful advice. He really knows his stuff and I look forward to working with him again!
Jeffrey Tung
Serial Entrepreneur

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